The Rotary Club Of Batroun was chartered on the 28th of June 1985. 

Based in the city of  Batroun – Lebanon.


Our District 2452 is more than 90 years old and is unique with its Rotary and Rotaract Clubs as it spans over 9 Countries 3 Continents.

5 languages are spoken over the 9 countries, and they are unified by the English Language.

Arabic is the most common language & many clubs are Arabic speaking clubs.


The Countries are: Armenia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, United Arab Emirates.

Our Members

* P.P. Kisra Bassil (Founder)

* P.P. Antoine Najour (Founder)

P.P. Wadih Ayoub (Founder)

* P.P. Elias Abi Chahine

* P.P. Georges Yazbeck

* P.P. Danie Moussy Moussa

* P.P. Maroun Chakkour

* P.P. Bassam Moubarak

* P.P. Andre Zeenni

* P.P. Najib Abi Karam

* P.P. Sana Habib Raad

P.P. Ziad Chahine

* P.P. Kamal Assaf

* P.P. Thérèse Sattout Tanissa

* P.P. Jean Khalifeh

* P.P. Mona Rameh

* Gebrane Bassil

* Wadih Zakharia

* Bachir Abi Nader

* Joseph Dagher

* Marlene Hokayem

* Robert Feghali

* Ziad Richa

* Charles Zaiter


Create Hope In The World

Rotary  District 2452

11th Conference Amman

27-29 June 2024

Think Green … Live Green