The Rotary Club Of Batroun was chartered on the 28th of June 1985. 

Based in the city of  Batroun – Lebanon with the goal to serve all the region.

 Our District 2452 is more than 84 years old with Multi cultures and use multi languages.

It is formed by more than 84 Clubs from 3 CONTINENTS and 9 COUNTRIES: Lebanon, Cyprus, Jordan, Sudan, Bahrain, UAE, Georgia, Armenia and Palestine.

Our Members

* P.P. Kisra Bassil (Founder)

* P.P. Antoine Najour (Founder)

P.P. Wadih Ayoub (Founder)

* P.P. Elias Abi Chahine

* P.P. Georges Yazbeck

* P.P. Danie Moussy Moussa

* P.P. Maroun Chakkour

* P.P. Bassam Moubarak

* P.P. Andre Zeenni

* P.P. Najib Abi Karam

* P.P. Sana Habib Raad

P.P. Ziad Chahine

* P.P. Kamal Assaf

* P.P. Thérèse Sattout Tanissa

* P. Jean Khalifeh

* P.E. Mona Rameh

* Gebrane Bassil

* Wadih Zakharia

* Bachir Abi Nader

* Joseph Dagher

* Marlene Hokayem

* Charles Zaiter

* Robert Feghali

* Ziad Richa

2020-2021 Rotary Opens Opportunities

Rotary 8th District 2452 Conference 2021

For A Better Tomorrow